One Day Visitor Label Registry Books
Keep your school safe with the One Day Visitor Management Sign-in System.This system improves security, simplifies
the visitor sign-in process, andincludes badges that are valid today and voided tomorrow. The One DayVisitor Management
Sign-in System includes a wire-bound registry book with oneday visitor badges. The visitor signs on one of the badges in
your registrybook which creates an identical duplicate record. Then peel off the badgeand the visitor wears the badge for
easy identification while the informationstays in the registry book. The color-changing badge is activated with just one
simple fold. The badge expires overnight so it can't be reused. The security pass changes color to show the badge is no
longer valid, indicating expiration overnight to prevent unauthorized reuse. This added level of security shows whether a
person should be in your school.This is done by a chemical process which begins when the tab is foldedbehind the badge.
Once the tab touches the back of the badge, the timedchemical process begins. After 6-8 hours,you will see a slight pink
image of the word "VOID". A darker pink image appears overnight. The chemicalprocess cannot be reversed, so this secuirty
badge is tamper proof.
Personalize your badges!
Have your label badges made to order, imprinted with your school name,mascot, or logo. If it fits in the label, it can be printed for you. Offer does
not apply to the Stock One Day Visitor Management Sign-in System.
FREE Welcome Sign and two Window Decals are also included with the purchase of the One Day Visitor Management Sign-in System Books!*
*Only for first-time purchases of registry books.
Contact us today for more information at (800) 747-9549.
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